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For companies that believe in IT and its power to reimagine their business to something beyond imagination.

Hi-tech industry is driven by top notch technology and advance solutions. The industry is ruled by smart players that innovate and move with the market and technology trends.

In short, technology is the only thing that can keep any business afloat now, in the fierce market competition. It allows you to capture new business opportunities, tap diverse niches and elevate a user experience. It also helps you fight your challenges, but above all it is important to get the strategy to implement technology solutions that supports your business and its vision.
Ardent helps you bring that scalability and agility to speed up the process, enabling you to embrace your goals with powerful solutions and principal technologies. Our Hitech solutions and services give you tools to penetrate niche market and drive products swiftly to reach your core users for better results.

Partner us to accelerate your journey, where we deliver you the cutting-edge technology that support your inventiveness and present you required sustainable platforms to thrive. We can help you with High Tech IT solutions that streamline you with your M&A activities, improved infrastructure, enhanced employee productiveness, to bring digital integration to your internal processes, present mobility, enhance your user experience for better results.

How Can Ardent Help

Ardent provides offerings across the value chain – from product ideation to conceptualization, prototype, production to sales and aftermarket support.

Compliance & Data

Helping clients to meet their regulatory compliance and to generate and make sense of data

Process Optimization

Enabling High Tech clients to modernize and improve their processes such as product design, supply chain, manufacturing, sales and marketing, after sales, etc.

Customer Experiences

Enabling companies to introduce products faster and provide better experiences across multiple channels.

Ardent Service Areas

Application and Infra Managed Services

Embedded Software

Value Chain Collaboration

Big Data and Analytics

Internet of Things

Cloud Enablement

Product Lifecycle Management(PLM)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Human Capital Management

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